What is a non-pneumatic tire

Non-pneumatic tires are tires that do not rely on air pressure to achieve shock absorption performance. Pneumatic tires use rubber to seal compressed air. When the air is compressed, the collision of air molecules against the container wall will increase the air pressure and form macroscopic elasticity. The superior cushioning performance and low rolling resistance of pneumatic tires have so far been No other tire can surpass it.

Inflatable tires are tires that do not need to be inflated, do not rely on air, but only use the tire's own material and structure to achieve support and cushioning performance.

1. Solid tires. This tire has been produced for hundreds of years. The main features are that the carcass has a large weight, poor elasticity, large rolling resistance and large load bearing. It is suitable for vehicles with slow moving speed and heavy load requirements.

2. Ester tires. The foam-like solid tire made of polyurethane material has the advantages of beautiful appearance and light weight, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to age, get out of the tire, is not wear-resistant, and has high rolling resistance.

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