What kind of tire is an electric vehicle non-pneumatic tire?

What kind of tire is an electric vehicle non-pneumatic tire? Do non-pneumatic tires have to be solid tires?

If you have pneumatic tires, you must avoid them.

Non-pneumatic tires refer to tires that achieve tire performance without relying on air pressure. Commonly known as uninflated tires.

Speaking of uninflated tires, the first type of tire that everyone thinks of is definitely a solid tire. Solid tires are ordinary solid tires. The carcass is solid, without cords and steel wires as the skeleton, without inner tube and inner tube. The second is to fill solid tires, that is, polyurethane solid tires. The hollow tires are filled with various polyurethane foam materials to form a solid tire.

Their advantage is

  • 1. No need to inflate regularly
  • 2. Anti-stab
  • 3. Explosion-proof
  • 4. Reduce maintenance

This kind of tire is very popular with public bicycles.

But must a non-pneumatic tire be a solid tire?

No, non-pneumatic tires can also be hollow.

Non-inflatable hollow tires are different from the solid tires people often say, nor are they foam tires as imagined, but new types of tires with reasonable design and novel and unique structure.

It is integrated inside and outside, with a grid-type cavity structure. According to the needs, a number of small holes of different sizes can be punched inside, using the principle of triangle mechanics to achieve the driving effect of pneumatic tires.

On the one hand, it inherits the four major advantages of solid tires. It does not need to be inflated, eliminating the trouble of leaking, exploding, repairing, and changing tires in traditional pneumatic tires. On the other hand, a variety of innovative technologies have made up for the disadvantages of solid tire weight, poor elasticity, high rolling resistance, and hard riding. Non-inflatable hollow tires have the corresponding comfort of pneumatic tires in terms of sports elasticity, the carcass weight is similar to that of pneumatic tires of the same specification, and the life span is three times that of ordinary tires.

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