• MK083 Electric Scooter
  • MK083 Electric Scooter
  • MK083 Electric Scooter
  • MK083 Electric Scooter

MK083 Electric Scooter

Letriptyre MK083 electric scooter products hot selling in the United States, Germany, France and other European markets, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other Asian markets. Annual output more than 400,000 units. We have EU/USA warehouse ,also after sales center in Netherland and USA. 8 Engineers, Delovped new model for half a year .private model, we have design patents.


Brand Name: Mankeel
Model Number:
Foldable: YES
Tire Size: 8.5inch
Controller: Brushless controller
Motor power: 250W
Battery type: 4AH 6Ah 7.8Ah
Scooter Weight(g) 15KG 15KG 15KG
Minimum load: 25KG
Max load: 100KG
Max speed: 25KM/H
Max. Climbing Angle: 25°
Turning radius: 0M
Terrain clearance: 9cm
Type of tires: Pneumatic tyre
tail lamp: YES
support mobile phone app : YES
Range Per Charge: 35KM
Charger Voltage: 100-240V~,50 / 60Hz
Charging Time: 3-4h
Working Temperature: .-10℃-40℃

Parameter table
8.5 滑板车 参数表 Parameter table
产品名称  Product name 8.5寸铝制滑板车            8.5 inch electric Aluminum scooter  电池种类            Battery type 301865动力锂电池      section 30 power lithium battery
外形尺寸     Outline size 1054*436*1150mm 电池容量            Battery Capacity 4.4-7.8 Ah
折叠尺寸     Folding size 1054*436*480mm 电池功率            Battery power  350.0Wh
包装尺寸    Packing size 1145*195*520mm 充电要求         Charging requirements AC100-240V 50/60HZ  2.5A(输入input) 42V/22A(输出output)
产品净重         Net weight 12.0kg 额定电机功率      Motor power 250W (前驱)
产品毛重    rough weight 15.8kg 工作电压          working voltage 36V
最高时速          Top speed 28km/h 充电时间         Charging time 3.5-4H
最大载重  maximum payload 125kg 工作环境温度  environment  - 10 - 50
最大航程  Maximum range 15-35km(视骑行路况) 最大爬坡度     Maximun climb 20°
刹车形式      Brake form 电子刹、碟刹       electronic brake,dics brake                light 前灯、刹车灯  Headlight,brake Taillight
Optional battery specification4.4Ah:10-15KM   6.6Ah:20-25KM   7.8Ah:30-32KM

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